2019 Money Raised

OTR passed on their thanks at the end of November for all the donations they received from the 2019 Bristol Yoga Trail. The grand total…


OTR confirmed receipts

A brilliant cause for Off The Record to support young people’s mental health, and more than last year so that is great all round.

A huge thank you to all everyone who donated and gave what they could. And also a huge thank you for everyone who gave up their time to support the day in all the myriad ways that were needed. Another wonderful Bristol Yoga Trail. Looking forward to the next one. Watch this space πŸ˜‰

Bristol is great!

We had a great time this year at the Bristol Yoga Trail. We loved welcoming so many new faces and old friends to our studios, sharing yoga, chatting about practice, philosophy, getting started in a class, trying a new approach to practice, developing the practice and study of yoga. So much good stuff happened and we raised a pot of money for Off The Record too (grand total to be announced soon).

Lots of the classes were very well attended. Some were even full way before they started so getting there early as always is a good idea. There were plenty of spaces for more next year though as not all classes were full, so keep an eye out for future Yoga Trail dates once set to get it in your diary.

Thanks so much for coming. It was an inspiring day for us and a chance to share what we love.

Beginners welcome :-)

We excited about next week – NEXT WEEK! 6 independent yoga studios offering a wide range of classes for all kinds of people – everyone will be made equally welcome so we do hope you’ll come along.

We are all dedicated to sharing yoga as we’ve all found it so incredibly helpful. So if you’ve every wanted to try it, or ever wanted to recommend it to a friend, this is the perfect day to try it out. There will be lots of beginners giving it a go, or people returning to it after a break – so we hope this day offers a little inspiration. There are many ways to practice yoga, so try something new, different styles of practice and different teachers, and see what you think! Or simply come and chat to a yoga teacher, we’re happy to talk more and let you know what we’re about. See you there!

Next week – Bristol Yoga Trail!

We can’t wait! Are you ready?

Check out the free yoga timetable and choose your class / classes for Saturday 12th October. Also just to highlight, there is a yoga talk at Yoga on the Square which didn’t make it into the print flyer. Here is the flyer to download with the talk included on Friday afternoon or check out their website for more info.

Look forward to seeing you on the Yoga Trail!

Here’s a pic from last year to get you in the mood. πŸ™‚